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Featured // New Game

RTA'24: Real Time Attack

RTA'24 is a simple racing game with one track and zero cars.
It was made for Acerola Jam 0.

Latest // New Music

Album: Where's the Third One?

"Where's the Third One?" is, basically, the third "Common Creativity" album.
In other words, it's a bunch of stragglers from other projects that I've finally decided to abandon work on.
A lot of this material has been on SoundCloud for a while, some of it has been sitting on a hard drive somewhere since 2017.
After a fresh Windows install, I brought over all my project files but not any of my samples.
In other words, none of these tracks are really in a state where I can work on them anymore, not without starting over.
Whenever I put out more music, it will finally be completely detached from the previous "era".
Whether that means game music, or finally getting around to doing that fully analog album I've been wanting to do for almost 5 years.